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AeGIS .22

Quick Overview

The Adjustable Gas Integrated Suppressor (AeGIS) allows you to adjust your silencer to your ammunition, instead of the other way around. You are no longer stuck just using subsonic ammo if you want optimum sound suppression!

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Some of the many advantages of silencers becoming more commonplace in the shooting industry are cost reduction and improved technology. One perfect example is the new AeGIS silencer (Adjustable Gas Integrated Suppressor). One of the unique features of AeGIS is its ability to be easily adjusted to control the amount of “bleed off” gas being released. The bleed off port in a integrally suppressed barrel is designed to reduce the velocity of a bullet to the subsonic range that would otherwise be moving faster than the speed of sound. The primary reason for bleeding off gas with something like .22 Long Rifle ammunition, is to allow shooters to use bulk ammo and still enjoy the sound abatement advantages of a silencer. Ultimately, the problem with this concept is that, with a fixed bleed port, you have no control over how much gas is being bled off. The port could be allowing too much gas to escape, degrading the ballistics of the bullet, especially when using match or subsonic ammo. A fixed gas bleed port is going to be designed for use with the widest range of ammunition possible. In the end, this restricts the shooters looking to optimize for sound abatement and/or game hunting. The patent pending, adjustable bleed off valve in the AeGIS solves this problem and allows the user to easily tune the silencer to the load being used. The resulting design efforts created the AeGIS. A sleek package with the same profile as a .920 diameter heavy barrel for .22 rimfire rifles, the system sports a match-grade, stainless steel, Lothar Walther barrel, and an amazingly simple adjustment system. To adjust the amount of gas bled off, all the user needs to do is grab the outside profile of the barrel (actually a Grade 9 Titanium sleeve) and twist counter-clockwise to increase the gas bleed and clockwise to decrease the gas bleed. That’s it. For really dialing in a particular load at a specific elevation, we recommend you shoot over a chronograph while making the adjustment. The goal is for the projectile to fall just below the speed of sound, which varies with altitude, temperature, and other environmental factors. This adjustment allows the shooter to get right up to the maximum velocity (optimizing ballistic performance) while still getting the maximum sound abatement possible from the silencer. Conversely, some shooters may wish to simply suppress / silence their cartridge as much as possible and not really worry about ballistic performance and would prefer to bleed off as much gas as possible. With the AeGIS, it’s up to the shooter.

Additional Information

Caliber Options .22 Long Rifle
Length 17.25"
Length added to rifle OAL Integral, replaces existing barrel
Diameter .920"
Barrel Lothar Walther, Match Grade, Stainless, Button Cut
Baffle Materials 17-4PH Stainless, Nitride treated Blast Baffles
Body Materials Exterior Sleeve, Grade 9 Titanium
Mount Type Intergral
Additional Features No