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Patented Designs

We have a number of unique, patented designs that provide features and performance not found anywhere else. Models like our AeGIS allow you to easily adjust the velocity of your ammunition to drop supersonic ammunition down to subsonic levels or readjust to squeeze every drop of velocity out of loads that are already subsonic.

Premium Materials

All of our silencers are built with premium materials like Grade 9 Titanium, 17-4PH Stainless Steel, and 7075-T6 Aluminum.

Last a Lifetime

We admit it, we overbuild just about everything in our product line. We want you to be able to use your silencers like we do, all the time. All of our models are over-engineered to provide a lifetime of safe and reliable use.

Bang for Your Buck

We believe that you can have great quality at a reasonable price. All of our silencers represent unmatched value for the quality and features they provide. Get a high performance product that will last a lifetime and save some money in the process . . . or buy more ammo with the money you save.

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